Monday, May 17, 2010

stop me!!!

I have a new sickness. Its called shopping online. Someone has got to stop me. Just this month I have bought these three things: - brown sandals. I have been looking for some JUST LIKE THESE for like year. then, i look online and find them in 5 minutes. that's what I love about online shopping. oh-they were only 12 bucks too. :) - a new zabra bathing suit!!!!!!! :) remember, I'm going to Daytona in 3 weeks! yay!

And finally, can't have a new bathing suit without a new cover-up right? agian. :) love it.

The cover-up is a little big - the ONLY downside to shopping online...can't try stuff on. If you know me, then you KNOW I HATE, HATE, HATE (did I say HATE?) shopping. So, pulling up my computer and buying stuff while being lazy on the couch is my perfect match. THEN, someone brings it to my door??? ahh, its my kinda shoppin! :)

I know I have been MIA - our apartment has a new friend - his name is Lennon and he is a to come tomorrow!!!

My cousin also got married this weekend and the wedding was absolutely beautiful! Congrats John and Melissa!!!!!!!! (again, pictures to come soon)

Happy Monday!
7 more days of school!!!!!!!!! :)

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