Tuesday, May 4, 2010

catch up and giveaway!

Sorry I have been MIA- Its been busy here since the end of the school year is drawing near. We have 16 more days. I cannot believe it. Where did you go first year of teaching? It mind-boggles me that its almost over. I feel like I just got the job. Now I'm praying to my sweet Jesus that I still have my job next year. I really can't believe my kids are about to leave me. Its weird to think I'll have another group next year. I keep thinking I'll have the same one. It's weird to think about. And also weird to think that they will all have a new teacher next year. Can any 1st year teachers relate to this odd feeling?

Anyways, I had an amazing weekend with Ty, just being lazy. I also went to see The Last Song with Lauren. It was a great movie! Surprising since it was a Miley Cyrus movie and I'm not her biggest fan.

I have also been catching up on my paintings. I am so far behind. I have about 6 to do. If I promised you one, I PROMISE I am getting to it! My Scentsy orders are also keeping me busy (which I am NOT complaining about). I can't believe how good I have done without having a party. I was supposed to have a party today but I canceled this one too because hardly no1 could come. I don't know what the deal is with these parties...they don't like me. oh well, I guess I'll keep bouncing around selling the products without having a party! Works for me. I am still planning on trying to have another Birmingham one! Hopefully that one will work out.

Well, on to the 2nd part of my post....over at A Love Worth Waiting For, Lyndsie is giving a Hana 1" flat iron from Misikko! I have always bought cheap flat irons so I sure could use a nice $200 one! :) Head over to Lyndsie's blog for more information! Also, check out http://www.misikko.com/ for more information on their products.

Here is a picture of the flat iron:
Looks like a good one!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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  1. I was bored a few days ago and was going through your blog list & read some of A Love Worth Waiting For and really enjoyed it! They seem like a wonderful and very godly couple!
    That's an adorable flat iron, never seen a pink one before...don't know if anything will make my hair look presentable, it hasn't been cut in almost 5 months!