Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Friends!!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine started off like this Friday morning...

I wish the streaks from my windshield weren't in the picture but it's still breathtaking isn't it? I have an hour long drive to and from school every morning and watching the sunrise is seriously my FAVORITE part of each morning. I am NOT a morning person at all but I actually enjoy my morning commute because it gives me time to wake up, drink my coffee, and be silent by myself before 15 six year olds are calling my name for 8 hours. There's something so magical about watching the sunrise. It's God's promise of a new day. A fresh new day. It literally takes my breath away every morning as I watch it.

After school, my mom & sister Jeri &  I threw a little "last baby shower" for my sister Christen. She is about to give birth to her SIXTH baby and we are super excited but since this is her last, we thought it would be fun to have one last hoorah before baby #6 makes his grand entrance! She's also been quarantined to her chair in her living room for the past month or so in hopes that the baby stayed in until he was full term so we thought this would help with her cabin fever.

Doesn't she look great!?! I love a good belly picture!

Sweet baby Grant we are ready for you!!!
These are THE BEST cookies I have ever put in my mouth. My friend Allison's cousin makes them and they are seriously heavenly! And oh so pretty too. :)

Our baby #6 banner.

Levi loves the cookies.

And so do Aubrey and Kate!!
Saturday Ty had to do yard work (which is all he does these days...but I must say, our yard looks rockin'!!) and I went to a craft show with Ty's parents and my friend Rachel. We had the best time shopping and chatting our way through all the booths. I got started on my Christmas shopping and came home with THE MOST COMFORTABLE LEGGINGS EVER.
Seriously, they are heavenly. I can't stop touching my legs when I wear them. And I have a feeling that will be alot this winter.
I got them with the intention for them to be PJ pants, but I've seen people wear these reindeer leggings with cute black pikos before so I think I can pull it off in the month of December, right?
Rachel snagged a pair too so we could be twinkies. We are both obsessed with them.
After the craft show, I loved on these puppies whose mama lives across the street from Ty's parents...
And I melted into a puddle while I was cuddling with them. Their eyes aren't even open yet!! Who thinks Emma needs a little friend??? I do!!!!
#operationgettyonboard #emmaneedsafriend
Saturday afternoon I went to my parents house to watch the Alabama game (ROLL TIDE!!!) while Ty finished yard work and then we watched the Florida/LSU game at Ty's parents house to wrap up the night.
Sunday I went to my cousin's baby shower and spent the rest of the day cleaning and on the couch. I didn't take any pictures from the shower but I did manage to find this on instagram and laughed outloud....
Who's with me on this??
I'm a leggings fanatic.
We should totally be able to wear them to work, right? Think of how happy we'd be. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

House Renovation - Kitchen Facelift!

Happy Monday Everyone! I am finally going to start doing some posts about the work we've done on the house! I have a feeling these posts will go on for at least a year! 

This made me laugh! 

We bought a 1936 craftsman/cottage in Ty's hometown. It had been added onto in the 40s and 70s and the kitchen was updated in the 70s. I may have said this before but I was being very particular about where in his hometown I wanted to live & I am so glad we waited, instead of getting impatient and buying elsewhere. The little area we live in is full of tree lined streets and old houses. It's just so charming! I love the history and the character in the houses. 

Ok, back to business. Here are some before shots of the 1970s kitchen we walked into...

(I know this picture is blurry but it's the only one I could find of the whole kitchen!) 

I know you have curtain envy right now.

Don't lie.

Wood, wood, and more wood (and lots of Formica). I love me some rustic wood but this was straight out of 1970 and it made me cringe. Those are wonderful sturdy cabinets so everyone begged me not to replace them (and we're working on a budget people!) so I decided to just paint them. I researched painting cabinets quite a bit but luckily the old owners had left some old cabinets in the garage so we got to play with those extras a bit before we tackled the whole kitchen. 

We were extremely lucky that the sweet owners let us get in the house before we closed (the house was empty) and start doing some renovations so we painted the whole kitchen and got new hardware before we ever moved in! It was such a blessing! We didn't have to empty cabinets or anything, which would be such a pain! 

Sherwin Williams was having a sale so I picked out one of their whites (Snowbird was the name) and decided from our trial and error on the extra cabinets that we would need to prime the cabinets first, then do 1 or 2 coats of the paint (we ended up doing 2 coats). We bought some high end primer so we didn't have to sand & got to work! 

We didn't take the cabinet doors off, and it worked just fine. Yes there is paint on the inside of some doors/drawers but does it bother me? Nope. 

We also didn't paint the inside of the cabinets and it doesn't ever bother me! I figured if it bothered me I could go back and paint the inside but I have never thought twice about it!

Our sweet parents helped us paint and we primed, and painted 2 coats of white paint in one weekend! And managed to take a trip to the lake while the 1st coat was drying!!!

Was it a mariculous job? 


I won't lie.

But was it worth it?


I think it makes SUCH a big difference. So much brighter and looked bigger!

Here are some after shots! 

My little sister helping me unpack the kitchen on move in day!

Our fridge and microwave are new. Both of my ovens are straight out of 1970 but for some reason they don't bother me much. I like that they're vintage looking! I will use them until they bite the dust and then we will get new ones. I absolutely adore having two ovens! It's so convenient!

I about had a meltdown in Home Depot trying to find the right hardware but I finally settled on some new knobs and handles and I LOVE them! I went back and forth between silver or bronze but decided to go with bronze because it looks less contemprary and more rustic. 

And here is my favorite kitchen inspiration  picture...


I love it because it's our exact layout & I want to copy it. :) 

So next up - new floors (I think we are going to go with hardwood tile - have y'all heard of that? It's tile but looks like hardwood!), new tile backsplash, a farmhouse sink, and new countertops! Should we do Butcher block like my inspiration picture? Or light granite? I don't know I keep going back and forth! This may not happen for awhile but I can live with it for now. :)

Thanks for reading along! I'll be back for more! 

Monday, October 5, 2015

I cannot get it together

Sorry friends, I cannot seem to get my life together to do any sort of regular posts! I had so many dreams of before and after updates on our house and now we're two months in and have I showed you anything?? 

I don't know because that's how long it's been. 

I was just telling my girlfriends at dinner tonight I can't get my life together at school either. 

Someone help. Call in the troops. 

And I don't even have kids yet. What is it going to be like when I'm a mom too?? I guess you adjust right? I'll keep telling myself that. Because right now all I can think about is my dirty bathroom, the dishes in the sink, the pile of clothes on our dresser that need to be put away, and the fact that it's October 5th and I haven't started my pumpkin unit at school!!! <insert crying eyes emoji here>

Ok, enough of that. Let's catch up shall we?!? 

Melissa and I had a wonderful weekend together back in September! Nothing like going to your hometown football game! We enjoyed feeling quite old sitting in the stands! :) 

While I was in Atlanta that weekend, this girl went dove hunting with her daddy! 

And the same weekend, I got to see my sweet nephew Hagen...
Love that boy so much!!!!

The next weekend I decorated the house for fall....

And then dressed up for our homecoming week...
Several people commented that I looked cute on Nerd Day. Compliment? Insult? You be the judge.

Disney character day! 

The other days were twin day, jersey day, and VHS spirit day but I didn't have any pictures without my kiddos and I can't post those so...2 days of dress up pictures will have to do. :) 

Then we enjoyed a small town homecoming parade with some of my babies...

We've had guests spend the night with us the past couple of weekends...

And I taught them how to find treasures at yard sales...

I went to the lake with some girlfriends last weekend...

And enjoyed some guilty pleasures like this fluffer nutter...

And someone's been sneaking into mom and dad's bed recently...

I've been swooning over these headboards...sending lots of pictures to my father-in-law.... :)

We went and watched my nephew play flag football Saturday...

And then I finally got to fill my new baskets from Magnolia Home (Chip and Jo's store from Fixer Upper)...
Fresh eggs from my friend Rachel's garden!!! Can't wait til this basket is full!

We did stay home this past weekend and had a wonderful relaxing weekend. I debated all week whether or not I should go to Athens with my parents and sister & BIL for the Bama/UGA game but I had been away from Ty 2 out of the past 3 weekends and I was utterly exhausted from the month of Septemeber so I ended up staying home. And I'm so glad I did. We had the best quiet weekend! :) Sometimes a weekend on the couch with your husband is so needed! 

That about catches us up!!! If I didn't wait so long between posts, I wouldn't have to catch up all the time would I??

Happy Monday, friends!