Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Our 4th of July Weekend

Whew! I think I'm still catching up from the busy weekend we had! Every year we go to my Uncle's big red barn for lots of yummy food & fellowship! We play games, take a group picture, eat all day, and then eat some more. ;) 

We had a wonderful day even though it rained for a little bit during the afternoon! 

Mom & I went to get our nails done on Thursday so my nails were very patriotic for Saturday. :)

I saw this adorable fireworks craft from Andrea at Momfessionals and I thought it would be perfect to try with the kids on Saturday! It was super easy and the kids loved it. I am totally a crafty teacher and love doing any type of craft with my kids at school but never get to do any summer craft so I was in heaven! 

Uncle Ty and Ryce watching cornhole!

Cousins with their papa!

This little stinker is at such a fun age! She is so expressive and so sassy. 

Hagen sure does love his nana!!!

I am so glad all my sisters were there and we got to spend time together! 
(Me and my sister Christen {we are on the outside} are both wearing new ALB shirts!!) 

Speaking of ALB, my niece Aubrey is also wearing her new American Collection tank! Her and my sister were matchy matchy and she ended up ordering Kate one too!! We love us some Amanda Lee Boutique! 

After we left my uncles house, we went back to Ty's parents house & hung out for a little bit before it was time to go see fireworks! Ty asked if anyone wanted to go on a golf cart ride and as you can see, it was a popular idea. ;) 


We got some stares driving down the road! I am happy to report everyone stayed on the golfcart the whole time!

Then it was time to walk to the fireworks! I am so in love with this little town. Especially on days like the 4th. I love that we can walk to the little "mall" area (it's a big grassy area - if you remember, that is where Ty proposed!) and they have food trucks, bouncy houses, games for kids, a band, and more! We found a spot to lay our towels down and let the kids have some fun before the fireworks started! 

I'm sad to report I have no pictures of the fireworks but I loved watching the kids get so excited over them! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th! I am always so thankful for the men & women who fight for our freedom but weekends like this where we celebrate our country always make me appreciate them more. They are true heroes!!

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