Thursday, March 20, 2014

Twins & babies

Somehow half of March has gotten away from me already! Spring break is in T-minus 1 day and I've got the whole week wide open! For Christmas, I planned 12 dates, one for each month for Ty and we have yet to complete January or March's dates so we've got a few fun dates on the calendar for next week but that's it! 

The past few weeks have been busy and this lovely season in life is about to get busier! Between my wedding, my sisters wedding, and one of my best friend's wedding; I've got some busy weekends in the near future!!

Last weekend the festivities started with Jeri's first shower. It was at her fiancé's church and it was so nice! We had a great time celebrating these lovebirds:

The kids were also in town so I got lots of snuggles! 

This week has flown by and I had an unexpected day with christen and the kids today due to poor Ryan's (my brother in law) kidney stones. Christen called me about 3:45am and said they needed me to come over because they needed to go to the hospital! Ryan was pretty pitiful but he got some pain meds & was released. I ended up staying all day to help Christen since Ryan was out of commission. I got lots of snuggles and kisses!!

Thankful that I got to hang out with the kids today and help Christen!!

Backing up to Tuesday, Allison and I showed up at school looking like this...

Twins! Think we spend too much time together? Funny thing is, that was not the first time we showed up dressed alike! :)

My running/working out has been going good this month and I am at 31.5 out of my goal of 46 miles in the month of march! I have 11 more days to go and I'm hoping my time off next week will help me meet or exceed that goal! 

I tried a new workout Monday that I loved! My gym has a 30 minute total body workout where there is a green and red light and you do each machine for 60 seconds, rest for 30 seconds, do some sort of step cardio on stands, and then move to the next machine & repeat. You just complete the exercise when the green light is on and stop & transition at the red light. By the end of the 30 minutes, you've had a total body workout! I have always wanted to try it but never have until Monday. I really enjoyed it! There's no time for getting bored or wasting time!! I'm hoping to incorporate that into my weekly routine at the gym!

only 121 days til I'm his!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

This weekend

We had a great sunny weekend here in Alabama! I am loving this spring weather! Hope it sticks around :)

Friday night I met mom, dad, and granddaddy at dinner and then Ty and I watched a movie (ok, I fell asleep & Ty watched a movie by himself). 

Saturday we celebrated Ty's aunt's birthday at Cheesecake Factory! YUM!!! And then shopped around a little and I got 2 dresses for wedding festivities!

Saturday night we went to Chase & Rachel's for dinner and then went to the rodeo with them! Ty and I went to a smaller rodeo last year & had a blast so it was neat seeing a bigger one this year! It mind boggles me how they stay on those bulls and how they don't break their necks everytime they fall off. 

Loved our rodeo double date night! 

Me and sweet Rachel! We are so thankful for her and Chase's friendship! 

Today we went to the park with the kids and took emma on a walk! What a beautiful day it was! And I am SO loving that it didn't get dark til after 7! Come on summer!

In other news, only 132 days til I marry this hunk...

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Peek at our Wedding!

Wedding planning started about 2 years before Ty and I got engaged (ha!) so I was pretty certain the look I wanted for our special day! I thought I'd share a few sneak peeks of our day, without giving away too much! :) 

Burlap burlap burlap. Can one have too much burlap?? 

This cake topper was a must! How cute is this?

Can't go wrong with LulaKate!

Too much cuteness for one flower girl dress.

If I could have a fake bouquet, this would be it.

I hate that this is turned sideways but this is how I asked my bridesmaids & flower girls to be in the wedding!

Just like burlap, can one have too many mason jars? I think not!

Only 139 more days! Can. Not. Wait.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Two years old

Last weekend our Emma turned 2! We had a little issue concerning what day it actually was (the 21st or 22nd???) but Ty found her papers and it indeed was the 21st (mama was wrong). I'm almost certain we celebrated it last year on the 22nd so let's hope when children come around we are better about remembering their birthdays. Parent fail.

Look at this baby!!!

Oh my goodness it's hard to believe she used to look like that! What a chunk. Isn't she cute??? 

I took her on a birthday walk & Ty cooked her grilled chicken so I'd say she had a good birthday weekend! :)

Being the birthday girl sure is tiring!!! 


In other news, I officially ended the month of February running/walking 39.5 miles. My goal was 44 miles so I wasn't that far off. I was SO far behind because of those snow/rain days we had earlier this month, and I never thought I'd make it even close to the goal so I'm pretty proud of myself!!

I had started half marathon training for the Rock n Roll half in Nashville on April 26th but I decided my bank account couldn't afford it. :( I am really sad because I had already started training and was looking forward to my 2nd half marathon but there will be others. I'm toiling with the idea of doing Disney's wine and dine half in November. My friend Molly is doing it and my running buddy Melissa & I may join her!!! you run at night too! How cool is that? Sounds awesome to me!!