Saturday, October 11, 2014

Good Friends & Emma

My friend, Allison moved to Georgia this summer after she got married and I haven't seen her since my wedding over 2 months ago! She was on Fall Break this week and came into town for a few days and I was so excited to see her!! It has been so hard this year without her. Going from seeing her every day for 3 years to never seeing her has been so difficult! There have been many texts and calls between us the last few months whining and giving ourselves pity parties. And I'm sure there will be many more! 

We met Sunday night with our friend Tyler for some Starbucks and girl time! It was so needed! My heart always feels so full after date nights with these loves! 

Then on Tuesday, Allison came by school to say hey to everyone! 

Our classes are "pen pals" and my little ones loved meeting their pen pals' teacher!!!! It was such a tease having her there, I miss her so much!!

We are planning a girls trip weekend to see Allison sometime in January & I am already super excited!!

Completely changing the subject, how funny is this picture of Emma?
She is so nosy! Everytime someone walks up the stairs at the apartment, she has to check them out! She never barks at them, just has to see them. :)

Since it has been nice outside lately, I have been skipping the gym some days and taking Emma for a walk/run and she has been loving it!! Ty wouldn't let me run with her until she was 2 years old because he wanted her bones to fully mature so I am loving my new running buddy!!! The weather is still a little too hot for me but it's getting there. I am totally a winter runner! 

And this is how Emma watches The Walking Dead with us...

Speaking of The Walking Dead, Ty & I started watching it on Netflix and I've totally gotten him hooked!! Anyone else watch it? I am so excited we finally got netflix, it was an argument for 2 months but we figured out how to get it through Ty's mom's account & I am stoked. On my radar for the coming months: 

The Walking Dead
Private Practice (never watched the last season!!)
Pretty Little Liars

Anyone have anymore suggestions?

Happy Saturday! Hoping Bama can pull off this win against Arkansas. This struggling team is almost foreign to me. I had almost forgotten the Mike Shula era where we never knew if we would win or not. We got Saban my junior year at Alabama and ever since we have always dominated. I am not liking this one bit but I know every team is different & we can't win them all.

Roll Tide!!!!!


  1. We love The Walking Dead -- it's one of our favorite shows on television right now! Also good on Netflix are Breaking Bad (seriously good), Mad Men (we're on season three) and Pretty Little Liars (I just started season two).

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, friend!!! I will check those out! Ty used to watch Dexter and saw it on there so I'm sure we will watch that too!