Sunday, January 19, 2014

Wedding goodies!

My friends are the best around! Here are some goodies I have received since getting engaged...

I have dreamt about the day I saw my
Future name on something, anything! I always knew I wanted one of these hangers for my wedding dress and my sweet friend Molly sent me one this week!!! 

She also sent me a cup with my future name on it and our wedding date! Here is one side of the cup:

And here is the other side of the cup:
Tears came out of my eyes when I opened those two items from Molly! I still have to pinch myself to remind me I'm finally getting married! 

How awesome are these koozies? My cousin Emily got me & Ty these! They are perfect because everyone knows I'm ALWAYS right! ;)

My first time seeing my new monogram!!! Melissa had this bag made for me over 6 months ago for her wedding! She wasn't sure if we would be married or not at her wedding so she got me a bag with my regular monogram on it and then my new monogram on it just in case! when she gave this to me after we got engaged, have said "I've been waiting over 6 months to give this to you!" Ha! 

My friend Jessica also got me a picture frame that said "Christmas 2013" on it and she put a pic of me & Ty in it right after we got engaged!

I have the best friends anyone could ask for...

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