Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hagen & Emma

Last weekend Ty and I went home to mom & dad's for Labor Day/the bama game. I hadn't been home since June and a long weekend at home was just what I needed after the first two weeks of school. 

Anna brought Hagen over Friday and they ended up staying most of the weekend! 

Hagen and Emma were pretty much attached at the hip the whole weekend and it was so cute. They would follow each other around all day and Emma would give Hagen tons of kisses & Hagen would stick his hand right in Emma's mouth!

 I love how protective Emma was of Hagen! Every time someone would pick Hagen up, she would follow them around. She had to be right with him! 

It's amazing to me how a dog knows that a baby is a baby and how she knew to be gentle with him. It made me so excited to have kids and watch Emma with them. She was such a little dog-nanny all weekend! It was so precious. 

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