Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Levi turns 2!

My sweet nephew, Levi, turned 2 a few weeks ago. We had a family party for him on his birthday which fell on a Saturday. Luke had a basketball game early that morning so we went to that & then Christen made brunch & we did presents and cake after we ate.

Sometimes I think, gosh I can't believe he's already 2! And other times I can't believe he is only 2 because he's been a big brother for 9 months! I forget sometimes he is still just a baby himself!

I remember the day he was born. I was still teaching in Tuscaloosa and couldn't bare the thought of not being there the day he was born (like I was for brother & sister) so I taught that day and immediately left at 3:15 & drove to Birmingham to meet him. He was so tiny and sweet!!! After giving him some lovin, I drove back to tuscaloosa, taught 2 more days and came back to Birmingham 48 hours later to love on him some more!!!

He is such a sweet, happy boy. He always has a smile on his face & that smile will get him whatever he wants from Aunt Kat.

I love hearing all the new words he has been learning lately! I've been working on "Kat" but not making any progress ;)

He loves cars just like his big brother and loves lining them up (again, just like big brother).

I think we'll always have a bond because we are both the 3rd child and lets face it, the 3rd child always gets the shaft! Jeri & Kate may beg to differ but they're the baby and the baby is clearly always the favorite. Right Jeri??? ;) ;) ;)

I love you sweet Levi!!!!

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