Monday, August 27, 2012


We had a busy weekend around here! Everyone was in town for my sister's baby shower & we also celebrated my birthday! My sweet best friend Melissa even came over with my parents to spend my birthday weekend with me & help with the shower! The shower went great and Anna got so many sweet gifts for baby Hagen! After the shower we went to cookout at Ty's house for my birthday as well as his dads! His dads birthday is the day after mine so we usually have a joint party. I realized how old I was getting when the party fizzled down about 8pm. Whoo hoo! Apparently thats happens when you turn 25, huh? ;)

Sunday we did a little shopping & then had Sunday night spaghetti dinner at my cousins house! Love seeing all my family!!!!

When I got home last night I did not like how quiet it was. I absolutely love having everyone here filling up all the beds and sleeping in random places around the house. I can tell already that when I have my own house I am going to LOVE having guests. I loved walking in my bathroom last night finding 5 towels hanging anywhere & everywhere. I loved finding 10 water bottles in my room half empty. I am such a people person and love having people here.

The weekend sadly ended & Monday came with a bang. For starters, i spilled white out all over my new black pants this morning at school. It wouldn't come off so I had to walk around all day with two white spots on my thighs. And they might be ruined...,I have treated them & washed them and the stain is still there. :( if you have any ideas, please share!!!

Weekend in pictures:

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