Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day

I had a pretty good Valentine's Day yesterday! Spent the day with my 13 lovebugs! We made Valentines for the principals & for our mommies & daddies, revealed hidden message love notes from Ms. Alfano, decorated Valentines bags, passed out our Valentines, & had a "special snack"! It was a wild & crazy day but we made it & i think the kids had a great time which is all that matters! :)

I got lots of sweet gifts from my babies! So thankful for them!

Went for a run after school & then to dinner with Ty & his parents!

Below are our hidden love messages! Most of them said "Ms. Alfano loves you" or "I love you. Love, Ms. Alfano" they absolutely loved this activity! So cute :)

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