Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 10 and 11 (then 13) ha!

**(I wrote this before my computer crashed for good one night...when i posted day 12, i wasn't thinking that I never actually got to post this one so I went ahead and did day 12! come to find out, i never actually posted this!! Haha!)

Day 10-Something you're afraid of
Day 11-Favorite tv shows

Day 10 - Something you're afraid of:

I am afraid of alot of things. I will name a few....

I have had really bad anxiety about family members passing away ever since my Uncle Stu passed away. I freak out when my mom calls more than once or leaves a voicemail or calls me early in the morning or late at night. I immediately think something is wrong. I have a fear that I will lose someone close to me unexpectedly like we lost my Uncle. 

Ever since I joined the blogging world, I have read so many sad stories about couples having fertility problems and that has become a fear of mine lately. I always assume that when I am ready to have babies, it will be easy to get pregnant. I know that is not always the case and even though I trust that God has a perfect plan for my life, I fear that I will join the millions of precious couples who have trouble getting pregnant or who have miscarriages. 

Now for the funny fears I have...

I have a fear of swallowing pills. Yes, that's right, I can't swallow pills. I am 23 years old and I cannot swallow pills. I assume that I will just do it when I absolutely HAVE to...which will probably be when I get am pregnant for the first time. It has never been an issue thus far, but it will probably be one then. I just think that I will be that ONE person who chokes and dies from swallowing a pill. Everytime I have tried in the past, I just gag it back up. It is quite embarrassing going to the doctor and saying, "ummmm, I can't swallow pills....does that medicine come in a liquid????" :) then the DR usually looks at me with this weird look and smiles.....bahaha.

and lastly, I have a fear of ROACHES!!!!!!!!!! i slightly freak out when I see them. They are so scary.

Day 11: Favorite TV Shows:

Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice
Desperate Housewives
Friends (could quote every episode...)
Full House (could SERIOUSLY quote EVERY SINGLE episode!!!!)
Boy Meets World (classic....)
Saved By The Bell (another classic)
The Bachelor/Bachelorette
Team Mom/16 and Pregnant (don't judge me)

OK...now skipping to day 13 (are you confused yet??)

My goals:

1. Get married to that boy I talk about all the time. :) And be an amazing, Godly wife to him.

2. Have babies, lots of babies!

3. Touch children's lives through my job. This year is challenging but if I touch ONE child this year, I will be satisfied. I would love to touch them all, but I know that is unreasonable.

4. Get my master's degree one day.

5. Buy a new car someday.

6. Grow closer to God.

7. Be a Godly woman/daughter/wife (someday)/mother (someday)/teacher/friend.

8. Reach others and show them Christ's love.

9. Run a 5k (i will accomplish this in 2 weeks!) and then run a 10k!

10. Pray for others.

I have tons more goals, but I decided to keep it at 10! :)

No pictures for awhile - as you read before, my computer crashed for good about 2 weeks ago (the same week my phone got stolen!!!). I am on Ty's old computer right now so I have NO pictures and no way of putting pictures on here. When I get my new computer, I will be posting lots of pics!!!

There are only 6 1/2 more school days til Thanksgiving Break!!! You're asking what that 1/2 day is aren't you? We get out next thursday at 12 because BAMA is playing at 6 and we have buses that go on campus so they are letting us out early due to traffic issues! wahhooo! And we get this Thursday off for Veteran's Day!! :) 

"God smiles too. When our gifts illuminate Him and help His children, don't you think He beams! Let's spend a lifetime making Him proud." - Max Lucado

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  1. Wow, only 6 1/2 days 'til Thanksgiving break?! Awesome!