Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tips Tuesdays

Tips Tuesdays is something new started by a college friend of mine (Leslie Lambert). This week it is cooking tips. Now, anyone that knows me...KNOWS I'm not the best cook! However, I am learning! I cook for Ty at least twice a week and he always eats my food so it must be OK! :) I don't have many tips but here they are:

1. It's hard cooking for 2. Most recipes make enough for 4 or more. I ALWAYS refrigerate my leftovers and eat them the next day for lunch. I love not having to make a sandwich in the morning before school and just grabbing the Tupperware that last night's dinner was in. I also sometimes get tired of sandwiches, so eating leftovers is always a good change for me.

2. Always have Cream of Chicken or Cream of Mushroom soup in your pantry! Soooo many recipes call for these soups and it is good to have it, so you don't get caught running to the grocery store before you start to cook-I HATE THAT!!

3. Having a good spice collection is also a must. I love adding new spices into recipes and see how it turns out. :) Also, lots of recipes call for many different spices, so stocking up your spice cabinet is a must.

4. To me, freshly grated cheese is SO much better than the kind you buy in a bag. I do buy both but I love when I actually grate the cheese rather than using the bag kind....it just tastes better to me.

5. Look up recipes online. I LOVE searching for new recipes online. I don't have a printer that works at home, so I just write down the recipes and they are stacked up in a corner on my counter behind my recipe books. I really need to get some kind of recipe organizer. Any ideas? Anyways, Food Network, Campbells, and Cooks.com are my favorite websites to find new recipes. I have also found that if you just google a recipe, thousands will come up. :)

6. Use your resources - get recipes from friends, co-workers, family, in-laws, etc. I have gotten so many recipes from my mom and Ty's mom. I also bought my school's cookbook. I just got it so I havent tried anything yet but I know there are some good stuff in there. Also, if you are somewhere where an experienced person is cooking...go watch them! I always sit in the kitchen and watch my mom and Ty's mom cook. Experience is the only way to get better and I have learned so much just by watching!

Okay, I know that wasn't that many good tips, but its all I got. I'm still learning how to cook. I have loved it so far. I LOVE cooking for Ty....and I love when he enjoys the food! It is also very stress-relieving for me! :)


  1. I love all of your tips!

    I agree, fresh grated cheese is so much better than the kind in the bag!
    We are big into left overs too, we eat leftovers for lunch at least 4 or 5 times a week.
    Kraft's website has amazing recipes, wwww.kraftrecipes.com.

    As far as the recipe organization, you need to get a blank cookbook and write in your recipes (I know it's a lot of writing, but it's well worth it to have all of your recipes in one book) or you could type them out, print them and glue them into the blank cookbook.

    So, when are you going to cook for me?!?

  2. I still can't figure this out!! How did you get the box at the top? And I couldn't find any backgrounds other than what you can choose from the specific templates