Sunday, February 14, 2010

one amazing weekend

Thursday around 8 started off my amazing weekend when I got the phone call that we didn't have school on Friday. I was kinda sad because we couldn't have our Valentine's Day party but we will just have it tomorrow. The kids won't care! Anyways, Ty and I headed up to Trussville Thursday night to spend the weekend! I really didn't think it would snow....boy was I wrong!!!! I haven't seen that much snow in a LONG time. We had sooo much fun playing in it. I felt like I was a kid again. We had a huge snowball fight, built a pretty good size snowman, and went sledding. When we came inside, after about 2 hours...guess what his mom had waiting for us? Hot, yummy, chili! Chili is a MUST on a snow day! We then sat on the couch under our fuzzy blankets and watchedCriminal Minds for the next 5 hours. :) Ty and I have become addicted to that show!!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the snow on Friday:

My Valentine's Day was really good....we are actually not going to go out to eat until sometime this week...but the morning started off with my Valentine telling me Happy Valentine's Day!! I actually woke up before him so I went in the living room (where he sleeps when we stay at his parent's house) and woke him up and he turned over and it was the first thing he said :). If you are new to my blog - or just want to know....Facebook was doing this all week so I thought I'd just share it on my blog:
Ty and I have been together "officially" for a year and a half. Our parents have been friends since high school and our dads had been trying to set us up for 3 years while we were both in Tuscaloosa. Well, of course we finally "meet" (again) one weekend a couple of months before he was heading to Arizona for baseball spring training...of course we couldn't have met during the 3 years we were in the same town could we? haha well we went on a couple of dates before he left and then just talked while he was in Arizona. He was sooooo sweet to me and very good looking...I was instatntly infatuated with him! Well, poor thing hurt his shoulder and they released him so he had to come back home and go back to school (worked out for me though!!!). He told me he was coming back down to Tuscaloosa to finish school at Alabama and I was so happy!!!!!!! When he got back down to school in the Fall of 08, we started hanging out and we have been together ever since. :) He was VERY slow to open up to me and waited until New Years that year to kiss me (5 months after we started hanging out....(over a year after we went on our first date). It was very hard at times, but he was SOOOOOOOOO worth waiting for!!!!!!! He is so special to me and he is the best thing that has ever come into my life. I thank God every single night for him and I cannot imagine my life without him. He takes such good care of me. :) Anyways, in a short version....thats our story!!! I'm horrible because I don't even have a picture of us from this weekend....ooops!!

I know I'm jumping around but here are some more pictures of paintings I did this week!
Those were for Ty's little cousins - Their birthdays were this week!

This is for my sister's new nephew (being born tomorrow)

I did not paint this one - but this is just a look at what one might look like with sorority letters on it! This is also a little one....remember there are different sizes!

SO- one last thing before this random blog post is over - I have decided to sell Scentsy. If you don't know what that is, click here! It is not official yet but I will be starting to sell products at the beginning of March! I am so excited about this! Every penny I make will go to pay off my student loans. I plan to have a couple of parties to start off so tell me if you would like to be invited! :) They are a GREAT way to make your house/office/classroom (or anywhere) smell SOOO good. I am in love with mine that I have in my classroom and bedroom. Anyways, more details to come in the future!!! Just wanted to give a heads up!


  1. I can't believe you are watching Criminal minds, do you not have nightmares?!?
    The paintings look great, can't wait to see Kellen's in person!
    That's great about you selling scentsy, I need some new scents :) I hope I get invited to one of your parties!

  2. Those snow pics are great! Wasn't it fun?? yours and Ty's story is so sweet - how great that your parents were trying to set you up! Then you certainly don't have to worry about parental approval!! :)