Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I'm going to need to know who makes these holidays up. 

I'm going to need a #nationalwineday STAT. 

Who can make it happen? 

Ok great. Now that that's settled, let's move right along...

Any reason to celebrate this face, I'll gladly do it.

Happy National Dog Day friends!!!

Emma loves to snuggle.

She loves to stick her head out the window.

She HATES to have her nails shaved down, but is always a trooper. Her best sad puppy eyes come when she's having her nails shaved.

She adores the lake. She will swim and play ALL day. She actually starts whining when we turn on the road to the lake house. She knows exactly where we are going!

And she's a pretty good hunting buddy too.

We love our girl so much! 

Just for fun, here she is on the day we brought her home...


Yes I said puppies instead of babies.  :) 

Go hug your fur baby today! 

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