Sunday, February 24, 2013

Emma turns 1!

Well, I'm finally in my new apartment! The past week has been full of packing, moving, unpacking, and decorating.

I am so in love with my new place! It is small & cozy, which I love!

On Friday, After moving all day, we celebrated Emma's first birthday! I cannot believe she is already a year old!!! I wanted to make her a doggy birthday cake (which I still might) but after moving all day, it just didnt happen, so Ty cooked her a steak and she LOVED it!!! He put dog food around the steak and at first she didn't realize there was a steak in it ha! 2 minutes later, the steak was off the plate and she was eating it whole!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013


Well, it's that time...Emma's in heat! Ty researches everything and he read that it's good to let dogs go in heat once or twice before spaying them so that's why we haven't spayed her yet.

It's been hilarious watching her walk around in little boy underwear all day everyday.

Everytime I see her I laugh out loud.

Bless her heart. She has no clue why everyone laughs at her all the time...

Wouldn't you laugh if you saw this?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Love monsters

Please ignore the fact that I've been a horrible blogger this week. I still haven't done my award questions!! Promise that will get done Sunday! I'm off to Tennessee tomorrow for a bachelorette trip for a sweet friend but I had to share these tonight...they turned out so cute!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

My Little Love Monsters

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A dozen...

I ran 12 miles this morning!

I usually run on Sunday afternoons but I had a wedding tea and the super bowl this afternoon so I wanted to get my run in earlier in the day. It was SUPER windy and pretty cold but I would so much rather run in cold weather than warm weather. I loved the breeze I got throughout my run (when it wasn't trying to knock me over..ha).

The last mile was hard. HARD. H. A. R. D. Miles 1-11 were fine, but that last mile was brutal. I didn't think I was going to make it and the mile seemed like it dragged on forever! At the very end, when I had .10 left, I was out of breath and gasping for air. It was not fun! But I made it!!! And this was my last long run before the 1/2 marathon. I have 5 miles on the agenda next weekend and I should be good to go. Key word there: should. :)

My knees have been bothering me since I ran 10 miles a few weeks ago and I was SO hoping they wouldn't hurt today and they didn't! I was so relieved. They hurt a little but not near as much as before. My ankles hurt a little throughout the run too but nothing like the last few weeks. YAY!

I had some friends (and my sister) ask for a 5k training plan last weekend so I made one up because I didn't like any of the ones I found online. If you would like me to send it to you, leave a comment with your email address and I will be more than happy to send it to you as well! After my first 5k is when I got addicted to races. :) Anyone can do it...I promise!

I got the Liebster award from Natasha over at A Life Worth Living so I will be completing this tomorrow! Thanks Natasha!!!

Happy Sunday...who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl? I don't know who to go for!!