Saturday, November 3, 2012

Vulcan 10k

I ran my 2nd 10k this morning! It was a much easier course than the hilly one we ran last time in April. It went through downtown Birmingham and was pretty flat...only one incline up and 2 inclines down (my favorite!). I don't think the course was measured right because my runkeeper app on my phone said it was 6.38 miles and it was supposed to be 6.2. I was trying to do it in under an hour but my official time was 1 hour, 44 seconds. I looked down at my runkeeper when it said 6.2 miles and I was under an hour so I'm just telling myself I accomplished my goal. :) I honestly think someone didnt measure right but oh well! We had a great run and had fun! They had yogurt mountain for us after the race so that was my breakfast! Yum!!!

Next step: 15k in January!!

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