Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fashion Wednesday

 Who else is getting a snow day like us here in Birmingham?? I'm hoping we actually get some considering I've been telling my babies at school for 2 days that it was going to snow!! 

Here are my 5 favorites from ALB this week as well as 2 #ootd pictures!

1. Neon Pink Maxi Dress - $29.99

Perfect for weddings, showers, church, Easter, date nights, etc!

2. Red Fitted Waist Piko - $14

3. Camel Spring Sandals (black & tan also available!) - $24.99

How cute are these? Perfect to slip on and go during the spring & summer months!

4. Grey Cheetah Print Lace Shorts - $23.99

Take a walk on the wild side with these adorable shorts!!!

5. Mint Tunic with Back Buttons - $24.99

I just love the pockets on the front & back buttons on this tunic! This shirt comes in other colors as well! 

And now for some #ootd posts!

I know I have talked about this poncho before but I wore it again this week and my love for it grew! So fun, so comfy, so out of my comfort zone! Don't be afraid to buy something that you may not normally wear, you can rock anything you want!

You know by now my love for blanket scarves. My my how I just adore how comfy and cozy they are! I need to watch some tutorials on different ways to style blanket scarves because I pretty much wear mine the same 2 ways! I have pinned tons of blanket scarf pictures on Pinterest, time to go through them and get some ideas! ALB still has some available for $19.99! Even though winter may be almost over, go grab one for next fall/winter. You'll thank me later.

Find me on Instagram at @klatham_alb for sneak peeks, sales, ALB's Deal of the Day, etc!!

Find ALB's website at

And as always, use my code KATHLEENREP for 10% off your order!!

Happy shopping, my friends! 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mercedes Marathon Relay

So this year Melissa (my bestie & favorite running buddy) and I got a little lazy and decided to forego training for the half marathon that we planned on doing and signed up with 3 other people to run the Mercedes Marathon Relay! 

I've never done a relay before so it was something different and fun! 

Here's how it worked - we got a team of 5 people (me, Melissa, Amanda {my teacher friend}, Amanda's hubby Blake, and my cousin Jennifer) and everyone ran a different amount and together it added up to the full marathon [26.2 miles]!

There were 5 different legs - 6 miles, 3 miles, 6 miles, 3 miles, and 8 miles

I wanted to do the 8 mile leg since I had already gotten to 8 miles in my half training. I figured if I did that, at least my training didn't go to waste!

The race was on Sunday and I didn't sleep a wink Saturday night. I felt unprepared due to not feeling well last week & the cold preventing me from running. I ran 6 miles a week and a half before the race so I pretty much was wingin' it! Which probably wasn't the best idea.

I struggled a bit. I was the last leg of the relay so I sat at my waiting area for about 3 hours before it was my turn and that was weird. Races hype me up but not starting the race was odd! And it was rainy and cold and I had to re-hype myself back up when I knew it was almost my turn. 

Some miles were easier than others and I may have been slow but I made it and my team even got to jump in with me at the end and cross the finish line with me! 

Team All About That Pace

See what we did there? Cute, I know.

I was hurting after but that's probably because my legs were hating me for not running in a week & a half and then running 8 miles.

Our team did great and we had an overall pace of 9:55/mile. 

Melissa and I have completed so many races together and now we can add this one to the list! We were talking after the race and we really want to figure out exactly how many we have done together! Love my running buddy! 

After the race we enjoyed Jim n Nicks BBQ, a hot shower, and a nap! :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday's - How I Met My Mate

I'm linking up with Andrea from momfessionals again today for Show & Tell Tuesday's! Today we are talking about how you met your mate! 

I've talked about this before but it's so fun to reminisce! 

So let's from the beginning...

Our parents were best friends in high school! Our moms were in the same grade and our dads were a year behind in the same grade. Our dads played baseball together & we love listening to them talk about their glory days!

When we were little, we loved going to the beach together...
Aren't we cute?? 

Here we are with my sisters - from left to right is Ty, Christen, me, and Anna! 

Here we are with our faces painted. Can you tell Ty loved ninja turtles? 

As we grew up, I always knew of Ty & his family and we would often visit their house when we were in town (we lived in Atlanta, they lived in Birmingham). 

I vividly remember once in middle school when dad brought me & my cousin Karlie over to his house & Ty wouldn't speak to us (but we thought he was SO CUTE!!!) so we played with his sister Casey instead. 

Ty graduated high school in 2004 & went to Shelton State (in Tuscaloosa) & When I got to college at Alabama, dad would often say "why don't you go find Ty's house? He lives somewhere by you!" 

Um, no thanks Dad. 

He even drove me around one time and said "hey I think that's his house, let's go knock on the door!" My response was something like "dad drive away now or I'm jumping out of the car and running home!"

Anyways, fast forward to my junior year Thanksgiving break (2007). Ty was home after getting drafted by the White Sox. He was home that fall waiting for Spring Training in February/March. He was also healing from shoulder surgery and doing rehab in Birmingham.
 Alabama & Auburn always play the Saturday after Thanksgiving and it was in Auburn that year. We celebrated Thanksgiving Thursday in Birmingham and then were going to drive  to Auburn that Friday. Well, we (mom, dad, Anna, and me) start driving and me & Anna quickly realize dad isn't going the way we go to Auburn. He shares with us that we are going to "stop by" the Latham's house & Anna & I have a fit! Visits with the Lathams are never quick. We were so ill because we just wanted to get down to Auburn for the iron bowl!!! 

I had my hair up & stupid clothes on and I walk in the Latham's house and there is Ty standing in the kitchen. He was SO handsome! 

We didn't speak to each other the whole time I was there but my sister Anna totally talked to him the whole time and I was so jealous! 

Come to find out (years later), Ty was supposed to go meet up with one of his buddies that night but texted him saying some "hot girls" were at his house. HA!!!!

My parents invited the Latham's to come to Auburn to tailgate with us for the iron bowl and they did! Again, Anna did all the talking and I watched in jealousy. ;)

A few weeks later I had a date night and was bringing my best guy friend. Before the party, I was sitting at home (in Tuscaloosa) with my roommates & a number I didn't know called. I ignored it & they called back so my roommates said just answer it! I did and it was Ty! He was coming to Tuscaloosa for the night and wanted to hang out. My first thought was how the heck did he get my number (our dads are sneaky matchmakers) and my second thought was oh crap I have a date night tonight! 

Luckily my friend I was taking totally understood and we had fun for a little bit and then he took me home so Ty could come by! :) That night we watched baseball and hung out on the couch. 

He came to Tuscaloosa one more time before leaving for Spring Training and I successfully got his truck towed and he had to use his Christmas money to pay to get his car back. #futuregirlfriendfail

Once he left for Arizona in February, we talked on the phone and through texts regularly but we "weren't dating". I actually went through a little rebellious stage and was "talking to" a guy from Maryland (yes, crazy I'm aware...that would never work!!!). I was actually in Tennessee at that boy's house (he went to school at ETSU) when Ty texted me telling me he got released and was coming home & going to BAMA in the fall. Uhhhhh....crickets. 

Funny fact - my parents kept telling me Ty would never talk to me again if he knew I had been talking to this Maryland boy. I kept saying oh he won't find out, he doesn't have Facebook! Ha! A few years later I found out he totally knew (I didn't think about the fact that his friends had a facebook!). I am very thankful he still gave me chance!!! We joke about that all the time now.

Clearly me and the boy from Maryland didn't work out. When Ty moved to Tuscaloosa that fall (2008), the rest is history! 

Here we are before one of my sorority's cocktail parties. This was our first picture together!! (Well, as adults!)

Before formal in November 2008! Heyyyy babies! 

It took him quite a while to kiss me. I was quite mortified over it because I had never worked so hard for a first kiss! My girlfriends and I spent hours that fall analyzing why he hadn't kissed me! 

New Years Eve 2008. (well, going into 2009!) This was right before he FINALLY kissed me at midnight - with fireworks. :) 

A year and a month after we first "re-met", and 4 months after we had really started dating.

I waited a long time for that kiss!!

He says he wanted to wait until he knew we were something special to kiss me because he was so nervous about our parents being friends. He didn't want to screw anything up! 

And then, we dated....
(My graduation trip to Boston - May 2009)

And dated...

(Pumpkin Patch -October 2010)

And dated....

(One of my bestie's wedding - July 2011)

And dated....

(Another one of my bestie's wedding - Boston, January 2012)

And dated....

(Gatlinburg Trip - December 2012)

And dated....
(Summer of 2013 at the lake)

And dated...
(July 4th, 2013)

And then, on December 23, 2013....

This FINALLY happened.

I wrote our entire engagament story on the blog but the short version is this - I was so busy that he tried to propose for DAYS. He had to do it during daylight because Emma (our dog) was helping him. That day, I had been to the hospital visiting a friend, then drove my cousin around town to run errands because she couldn't drive (she had just had surgery). I got to his parents house hours after I said I was going to & then spilled coffee on myself. I was ill, it was freezing & he insisted on taking Emma for a walk to the "mall" (a grassy area in town) to run around. After making me feel bad, I went but almost didn't get out of the car. I finally did and instead of fetching her bumper, Emma fetched a basket. I was so clueless (And still mad. And cold) & didn't realize what was happening until I saw the ring box in the basket when Emma got closer. He dropped down on one knee and proposed with a whistle in his mouth (hahaha)! It was perfect! I get to drive by that spot almost weekly and love to think of that perfect day. I waited a LONG time for it. 

(Engagement Pictures - January 2014)

A little less than 7 months later, we said "I do" on a farm with the river in front of us and a barn behind us.

July 19,2014

We spent a week in The Keys on our honeymoon & have settled into everyday life since. 

And that's our story! Or just the beginning ;)

I love how much history our story has! It's so fun to meet our parents' high school friends that don't know we are married. They always think it is SO cool! Which it is. :)

Go link up with Andrea at!!!! Would love to read everyone's love stories! 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Fashion Sunday

So I've given up on my Fashion Friday posts! ;) Here's a Fashion Sunday post for you!

Here's several outfit of the day pictures for you from 2 weeks ago! I just love all my ALB pieces!

This dress is still available in blue - only 1 small left and it's on sale for $20!

Hot pink tunic with side buttons - only 1 medium left - $24.99

All blanket scarves are on sale for $19.99! 

After I posted this #ootd, one of my besties (hey Wrenn!) texted me a picture of herself and we were twins! We love blanket scarves!!!!!

This burgundy pocket poncho is on sale for $7! Did you hear that?? $7!!! I must admit, I was a little hesitant about this top because it's totally out of my comfort zone and not something I would normally buy. However, I absolutely LOVED it!!! It was so cute and so comfy! Me and my sister in law are always trying to get each other to "branch out" of our normal wardrobe choices and I think I totally did with this one! :) Now do yourself a favor and go grab one for yourself!!

Meet my sweet teacher friend, Amanda! One of her boys is a diehard Kentucky fan so she grabbed this Royal Blue Piko to support her UK loving boy! How cute is her scarf she paired it with too?? All oversized pikos are $16 & new v-neck pikos are $19.99! 

Here is my bestie Allison rockin her piko last Saturday for our girls day out! I love the scarf she paired hers with too!!!

My Aunt Michele looks FABULOUS in her fringe poncho! Unfortunately, these are sold out but there are other ponchos on the website and some are on sale for as low as $5!!!

Here are some of my favorite ALB items from the past 2 weeks...

These sequin pocket tops are $23.99 and come in several colors! So cute!

This neon pink colorblock top is $28.99!
It's no secret I LOVE any colorblock top!! 

Black & Neon Aztec Tunic - $27.99
Love the pop of color in this tunic!!

Coral Detailed Back Dress - $29.99 
This dress can be worn all spring & summer! Weddings, Church, Baby/Wedding Showers, Date Nights, etc! I love the color and details!

This weekend ALB is having a Valentine's Day Sale! The ENTIRE website is 20% off using code LOVE at checkout! It lasts until midnight so go check out the website ( and do some shopping!!! 

After the sale ends tonight you can always get 10% off using my rep code KATHLEENREP!

Find me on Instagram at @klatham_alb for new arrivals, sneak peeks, sale items and more!

If you purchase something & post it, tag me in your photo! Or you can email me at and I'll post your picture & tag you! I love showing you different ways people style ALB items!!

I hope everyone has a great Sunday! 

Monday, February 9, 2015

My girlfriends

So, it's not a secret that I just adore my girls. 

I had 14 bridesamids.
Yes, I said 14. 
And no, I couldn't cut any of them. I actually wanted 1 more but she had just had a baby and it would have been too much on her to be a bridesmaid so she read scripture at our wedding (hi Lauren!). 

I wonder how many times I heard 
"14?? Why???"
"That's 14 gifts you have to buy!"
"Why can't you cut one or two?"
"You're crazy!"
Etc. Etc. Etc.

I have posted this on Instagram before but each of these girls have played such a huge role in my life. Some have been around my whole life, some since elementary school, middle school, high school, college, and a few I have met since college but each holds such a special place in my heart. They have all laughed with me, cried with me, prayed with me, lifted me up, celebrated with me, and molded me into who I am today. Keeping these friendships takes work. I moved away from "home" when I was 17. So for almost 10 years, (ahhh hello high school reunion soon!) I have had to maintain long distance friendships. And then after college, we all went our separate ways too. It's hard. And it takes planning, and texting, and calling, and facetiming, and road trips. One of my best friends lives in Boston so it even takes plane trips sometimes! All of this is so important to me because these are my people. They know me, they get me, they love me for me. I am SO not perfect, and I make mistakes everyday and they still love me. 

Every time I see my people & get to spend time with them, it refreshes me. It makes me whole again. I am a firm believer in the fact that women need women to help you through life. 

My sweet bestie, Allison, moved to Georgia this summer after she got married and so this weekend me & 2 of our girlfriends took a road trip to see her! We had such a wonderful time talking, shopping, eating, drinking coffee, and recharging our batteries! We never turned the tv on all weekend. It was just us, catching up and enjoying each other! 

Even though I came home last night to a flooded apartment (Um yea, you read that right), I have felt so refreshed! 

I sure do love my hubby (and missed him this weekend), but sometimes you just need your girlfriends!!!! 

It was the perfect weekend! Well, until I came home and found water everywhere! ;)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesdays : Groundhog Day

I saw this post on Andrea from momfessionals' blog and thought it would be super fun!! 

What would the day be that you would want to have over & over again like the movie??

My mind went immediately to my wedding day because ALL of my favorite people were in the same place. When is that ever going to happen again? Probably never! 

However, I didn't choose my wedding day...simply because it was so go go go!!! I decided to pick the 2nd day of our honeymoon. 

I blogged about this day a few months ago when I did my honeymoon updates! We did a lot of fun stuff on our honeymoon but on this day we literally just hung out with each other and took in the scenery. 

We slept in, woke up and ate breakfast at the resort's restaurant buffet (which was AMAZING), and then went to the pool and lagoon and just enjoyed being together and being married! It was a long time coming and wedding planning will exhaust anyone so relaxing was so nice. I was in awe of the beauty of our resort and the Keys in general. 

When we got hungry we ventured out for a local restaurant and found such a cute place to eat dinner! 

After dinner we chased the sunset! 

When we got back to the resort we went and sat by the bonfire by the pools and talked! 

That whole week was the perfect week but I just really loved the day where we just relaxed and enjoyed each other and took in the beauty of The Keys!!

So what would your Groundhog Day be? Go link up with Andrea!!

Here are the future Show & Tell topics!